Harmon Photographers

We offer our clients variety that distinguishes us from the competition. Clients are treated with warmth and respect from the moment they enter the studio, during their portrait session and throughout the selection of their portraits.

Images created by Harmon’s have been displayed in numerous magazine, public and professional buildings, billboards and showcased on television. 

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Harmon Photographers is known for its beautiful family portraits. Whether you choose to have your portrait taken in the studio, or outside at some of our many scenic locations, you can trust that your picture will be exquisite.

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In Preschools and Daycares, all those precious little children just love to laugh and play happily all through the day — right up until the instant when someone aims a camera at them and then they resort to the classic dreaded big “cheese” smile or worse. With Harmon Photographers dedication, skill, experience and most importantly patience, you can put those worries to rest. We make sure your kids really enjoy having their portrait taken and you are simply thrilled by the resulting images.

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The way you present yourself on your website or marketing materials is often the first impression and reflects your expertise and competence. Harmon Photographers creates strong compelling images for your professional use. Images that capture the look your want to portray — from professional and self-assured to hip visual styles. All images are enhanced with digital artwork.

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High School Seniors

We love taking the traditional Senior portrait and making it a timeless work of art that captures who you are. No portrait is ever the same as we work with you to create a unique portrait that you, your friends and family will enjoy for years to come. 

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Infant and children photography is a special pride for us at Harmon Photographers. It is the foundation upon which the studio was originally built. The timeless look that we are so well known for captures the essence and purity of infants and children in breathtaking portraits that touch hearts and will be treasured for decades to come. 

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Harmon pet photography sessions are not only the best way to create memorable pieces of art with your best friend that you will cherish for years to come, they are also fun, bonding experiences for the both of you. We will capture the true nature of your relationship with your best friend and his/her unique personality. We will shoot at any beautiful location that has meaning to you and your pet.


Harmon commercial photography not only photographs office and retail buildings, but many other business and institutional building types such as education, entertainment, healthcare, government and religious spaces. Each brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities for creating successful marketing photography.